About our Promoting Agency

Supply Network Shannon (SNS) is an industry-led initiative aimed at representing, promoting, developing and connecting companies in the mid & south west of Ireland.


  • Facilitating Business Opportunities
  • Enhancing cooperative learning
  • Developing market focus
  • Collaboration between platforms: Industry, Academic and Public Sector

Encouraging collaboration for collective success, SNS facilitates the development of its members, enabling them to flourish in the rapidly changing environment. Business networks are the way forward, the challenge for SNS is to leverage their experiences and evolve into a national reference model for Business Networks as they are the way forward for Enterprise development within Ireland.

Join SNS and develop your business further by making new contacts and creating new opportunities.

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Next Level Skillnet are always our first point of call for any of our training needs, from sourcing the Training Provider, ensuring the programme meets our needs, arranging the date and ensuring value for money.

John Kennedy

Managing Director, iQuTech

The short modular courses that we can avail of are invaluable. We effectively have access to a HR training resource that we could not otherwise afford ourselves.

Sheamus O’Donovan

Managing Partner – O’Donovan Insurances

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