The benefits of your
company joining Next Level Skillnet

Why Join

Do your employees require specific training to help them with new challenges/developments in their jobs?

Do you want your employees to maintain their personal professional competitive edge by keeping up to date with new developments in your industry?

We can help…

Next Level Skillnet can offer fee subvention (financial assistance) to employees whose fees are being paid by their Company i.e. being paid directly by the company or employee is paying fees and being reimbursed upon successful completion of the course.

We can offer bespoke accredited courses to member companies as well as shorter 1 and 2-day programmes. If you need to up-skill staff, we can devise a course and deliver via classroom or distance learning, i.e. webcast, podcast, and other such technologies.

Next Level Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies to offer a range of training that addresses our members skills needs.

Next Level Skillnet offers funding to SMEs and Multinational companies, from various sectors. Our training is specifically organised in response to member needs.

Who can join?

  • Any company who is not a public-sector company and based in the Republic of Ireland

  • Company must provide cost balance of their employee’s fees

Next Level Skillnet members are given financial support with training costs (fee subvention) for their employees. This can be as much as 40% of the course cost. Members are also entitled to free attendance to workshops & events.

How can I join?

Becoming a member of Next Level Skillnet couldn’t be easier, complete our membership enquiry form and we will contact you directly to discuss your training needs in further detail.


The short modular courses that we can avail of are invaluable. We effectively have access to a HR training resource that we could not otherwise afford ourselves.

Sheamus O’Donovan

Managing Partner – O’Donovan Insurances

Next Level Skillnet are always our first point of call for any of our training needs, from sourcing the Training Provider, ensuring the programme meets our needs, arranging the date and ensuring value for money.

John Kennedy

Managing Director, iQuTech