BSc in Supply Chain Management

Start date: 18 August 2022

Duration: 2 Year Programme

Location: Online Delivery

Certificate: NFQ Level 8 Major Award

Cost: Members €2,802 Non Members: €4,670

Programme overview

This course will develop participants' Supply Chain Management skills including practical application of the SCOR™ Framework concepts, enabling participating companies gain competitive advantage through the application of the principles to drive improvement with measurable results. A company-based project will form a key element of the programme, ensuring the integration of the various concepts in the participants' workplace. This programme’s content aligns with the Supply Chain Council’s Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR). The programme combines strong human factor, cause-effect modelling, and process improvement orientations to leverage innovative opportunities.

Learning outcomes

Participants learn to:

  • ­Identify the fundamental theories, concepts and methods that inform supply chain management within various organisational settings and a variety of disciplines

  • ­Demonstrate detailed knowledge and understanding of specialised areas pertaining to different supply chain functions

  • ­Display specialised technical, analytical and creative skills that are fundamental to problem-solving and decision-making

  • ­Apply expanded knowledge and best-practice techniques in a variety of enterprise settings

  • ­Appreciate and respond to the critical issues of globalisation, the internationalisation of business and corporate responsibility as they relate to supply chain operations

Who is the course for

Specifically targeted at those currently employed in a variety of technology rich industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Biotechnology and Manufacturing, who require a degree qualification and are seeking the same for professional advancement.


Semester 1

  • PT4057 Advanced Models & Frameworks For SCM

  • PT3011 Plan with Supply Chains

  • PT3021 Make Within Supply Chains

  • PM3081 Organisational Behaviour 1

Semester 2

  • PT3051 Source within Supply Chains

  • PT3061 Deliver & Return Withing Supply Chains

  • AC3012 Business Intelligence & Decision Making

  • AU3023 Statistics

Semester 3

  • PT3041 Lean Sigma Improvement Methodologies

    PT4003 Supply Chain Dynamics Game

Semester 4

  • MG3602 Management of Change

  • MG4917 Supply Chain Management & CRM

  • PT3081 Integration Development To Production

  • PT4067 Simulation Modelling & Analysis

Semester 5

  • MG4181 Supply Chain Risk Assessment & Forecasting

  • MG3652 Strategic Management

  • AC4906 Corporate Social Responsibility

  • PT3071 Information Systems & Decision Support

Semester 6

  • PT3091 Supply Chain Project 1:

Training Provider Profile


The Management Development Unit (MDU) was established in 1995 at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, to meet the management development and leadership needs of public, private and voluntary sector organisations.  Since its establishment, it has been helping managers realise their potential by providing skills-based development programmes.

BSc Supply Chain Management