MSc Technology Management

Start date: 11 September 2021

Duration: 2 Years Part-Time

Location: Delivered via blended learning

Certificate: MSc Technology Management

Cost: Members €2,370 Per Semester Non Members €3,950 Per Semester (4 Semesters)

Programme overview

The MSc in Technology Management is a blended-learning Masters programme. It provides participants with an insight into the role of technology management within the Irish and international economy. The programme aims to develop students’ knowledge of product innovation, technology transfer, and research & development processes, thus enabling participants and companies to gain competitive advantage through their technology.

The programme provides you with lecture material on strategy, policy (both national and international), recognised methodologies, skills and exploitation processes. Through an in-depth study of these areas, you will be able to make fully informed decisions relating to all aspects of technology and will be able to guide your company to exploit this technology effectively.

Learning outcomes

This course will assist students to:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the increasingly important area of technology management

  • Build their management and leadership capabilities in this area

  • Enable them to facilitate organisational change and sustainable improvements at the enterprise level through competitive work systems and effective knowledge management

In order to achieve these aims, module assignments and the final year thesis are company-based to enhance their benefit to the company and to the student.


The programme is worth 90 ECTS credits in total. This includes ten taught modules, 8 worth five ECTS each and 2 worth 10 ECTS each and a Thesis worth 30 ECTS in the 2nd Year of the programme. Six modules are covered in year 1 while a further four modules and the thesis are covered during year 2 of the programme.

Year 1 Modules

  • User Centred Design

  • Managing Innovation

  • Managing Technology Projects

  • Technology Finance and Capital

  • Strategy & Management of Technology

  • People Management for Technology Organisations

Year 2 Modules

  • Data Analysis for Product and Process Development

  • Marketing Technology Products

  • Innovation and Technology Transfer

  • Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Thesis

Modular Learning

If students wish to register for an individual module for the purposes of continuing professional development credit or updating their skills and knowledge, they may do so on a modular credit basis.  If you would like to find out more please see here

Training Provider Profile


The Atlantic University Alliance (AUA), was a consortium of three Universities on the Atlantic coast of Ireland – NUI, Galway, the University of Limerick and University College Cork. The AUA aimed to pool the individual expertise and resources of its constituent Universities making them available through a number of joint projects in the area of training, education and R&D.

MSc Technology Management