Post Graduate Diploma in Technology Commercialisation

Start date: 12 September 2020

Duration: 1 Year

Location: Delivered via blended learning

Certificate: Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Commercilisation

Cost: Members €1,185 Per Semester Non Members €1,975 Per Semester

Programme overview

The Diploma in Technology Commericalisation is a part-time programme which seeks to improve Ireland’s expertise in Technology Commercialisation and to train the next generation of individual entrepreneurs focused on high technology with the skills they need to make the most of their R&D effort. Through a combination of teaching delivery methods, curricular structure, and a practicum requirement in venture creation, this programme hopes to produce the next generation of individual entrepreneurs focused on high technology products and processes.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the programme, students will have:

  • developed an understanding of the technology commercialisation process

  • identified technology based business opportunities, with particular focus on how to assess their market potential and how to judge their appeal to the venture capital community

  • established the importance of innovation in the exploitation of new technological developments and the transfer process for this technology to enable commercialisation

  • gained an understanding of the importance of intellectual property and patenting as a key element of commercialisation

Who is the course for

The course is targeted at mid to upper level managers responsible for technology commercialisation, research programme management and business development in both private and public sector organisations. The diploma will be of interest to all industries and students with a keen interest in technology commercialisation and especially those organisations directly involved in innovation, marketing and technology.


The programme comprises 30 ECTs of course credit. There are four individual modules and a project to complete. Each module is worth 5 ECTs while the company project is worth 10 ECTs .

Semester 1 Autumn

  • Innovation and Technology Transfer

  • Marketing Technology Products

  • Project

Semester 2 Spring

  • Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Technology Finance & Capital

  • Project

Training Provider Profile


The Atlantic University Alliance (AUA), was a consortium of three Universities on the Atlantic coast of Ireland – NUI, Galway, the University of Limerick and University College Cork. The AUA aimed to pool the individual expertise and resources of its constituent Universities making them available through a number of joint projects in the area of training, education and R&D.

Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Commercialisation