Start date: 18 January 2021

Duration: 10 Week Programme

Location: Open Online Course - Virtual Training

Cost: Members €249.50 - Non-Members €499.00

Programme overview

WIG-WAM is a 10 week online program designed to help SME Business Owners looking to get clarity on what they want to achieve, helping change their mindset and providing a fresh perspective.

Learning outcomes

Enrolling in the WIG-WAM programme will help you to spend 75 to 90 minutes per week enhancing the future of your business with professional guidance and expertise.  You can also set your own engagement piece between meetings, which allows you to achieve goals in tandem with the progression of the programme.

Who is the course for

WIG-WAM is designed specifically to offer SME peer support to Business Owners.

Programme Outline:-

Personal Leadership
Execution vs Planning
Creating your Wildly Important Goals (WIG)
Focusing on What’s Important
Planning Your Diary To Achieve Your WIG
Keeping Score
Accountability – WIG-WAM App
The Bigger Picture
The Roles You Play
Business and Life Audit


Training Provider Profile

Having successfully built their own businesses, co-creators Colm O’Brien and Michelle Barry identified that accountability is sometimes lacking among SME business owners. Owners can benefit from peer support and assistance in setting and achieving goals, and so they developed ‘WIG-WAM’ – ‘Wildly Important Goal – Weekly Accountability Meeting.’

WIG-WAM is effectively a temporary (10 sessions) home, a safe space for cultivating a peer support environment, fostering trust and growth so that business owners can Re-imagine, Re-invent and Re-bound into a brave new Post-COVID world!